7 good reasons why every motorcyclist should own a trials bike

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Here’s an article lifted from BikeSales.com.au (check out the direct link at the bottom of the page). Words by Kelly Buckley.

We’ve all thought of it, but how many of us have actually done it? Here are eight very good arguments why you should stop dreaming and start doing.
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1. It’ll make you a better rider
Whether it’s adventure-style trials riding, observed trials or just popping around your backyard, the throttle, clutch and brake control demanded by a trials bike are all skills that will transfer to your road (and dirt) bike and make you a smoother and more confident rider. A lot of top level road (and off-road) racers will train on a trials bike because not only does it carry slightly less risk with its slower speeds, but the feel you gain of what and why the bike is doing beneath you — you can’t sit down and…

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Life like a nomad..

something i wrote around 7 years ago when travelling was not a trend, and "wanderlust" wasn't an everyday word. i had forgotten about it until i stumbled upon my then-updated-now-dysfunctional blog.